Truth about Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids are the newest novelty in the world of hearing technology. They
allow hearing aid users , to use the same hearing aid in order to hear better and in
addition to use it as a hands free.
Read on to find out more about Bluetooth hearing aids and the truth behind it.

Hearing aids have existed for a long time,  Almost every one has seen the first models
with  awkward wires. Those were the  times when technology was not as complicated and
confusing as it is now, at least to some users. However, in today’s world where
technological progresses faster the users manage to keep track of it. It is so quick that
even the most technologically advanced user can’t keep up with all the development.
Bluetooth one of such technological achievements are Bluetooth hearing aids . let us see
what Bluetooth hearing aid really is? And is it out there.

What is a Bluetooth Hearing Aid
For understanding Bluetooth hearing aids, we first need to know what is bluetooth
technology . Bluetooth technology is a process to transmit and receive radio ways. Mostly
used in mobile devices. It is capable of creating a communication between two device that
have Bluetooth technology.  It has few advantages over regular FM waves, the Bluetooth
technology is secure, it means that no one can get in to the link between the two
connected devices, as in regular FM every one with a receiver can listen to conversation
transmitted from the transmitter.
One more advantage is the interference free communication, and Frequency-hopping, it
means that the frequency that the Bluetooth chip is using is constantly changing also to
allow better security and also to go to another “wave” is the current one is to busy.  It also
allows simultaneous use of many Bluetooth devices when located near each other.

You all know what is a hearing aid, in order to better understand what is a Bluetooth
hearing aid, I will give a few definitions.

Hearing aid is a device that designed to amplify the sound for people with hearing lose.
Few crucial point for out topic,   Hearing aids are electronic device that are powered from
a small battery.   Hearing aids have build in filters to maximize the effect to the amplified
sound, and to increase the audio signal individually customized to every user. And
eventually, hearing aids often are equipped with a t-coil receiver, a small element that is
capable of receiving electro magnetic waves.   All this those facts are important in order to
understand what are Bluetooth hearing aids.

Now to the combination of the technologies,  
This year at AAA Audiology now, some companies presented few projects for actual
Bluetooth hearing aid, that is equipped with Bluetooth technology. However still such
hearing aids are not yet available to public (at the time of writing of this article), the
reason to this is the power supply used in hearing aids.
As the tendency of hearing aid manufacturers and users both to make the hearing as
small as possible, both the power supply and the elements are getting smaller. As the
elements are getting smaller, and with new technology are capable to give the same
results as bigger elements in the past, the power supply is by being smaller capable of
supplying less power then  a bigger power supply.  (hearing aid battery). The current
batteries that are used in hearing aids are not capable of supporting the Bluetooth cheap,
at least not for any commercial use in relevance to time.

The solution,
The solution was invented by, Artone communication solutions in 2004, and it came to life
as a form of a Bluetooth Loopset.
By using the low power consumption t-coil receiver that is already located in the hearing
aid, we transferred the signal from a Bluetooth receiver, that allowed multiple recharger
The Bluetooth Loopset is working as a conversion unit it receives the signal from a
Bluetooth transmitter and sends it to the t-coil.  By this turning an old hearing aid I to a
Bluetooth hearing aid.
As you can see, Bluetooth hearing aid, is not actually “Bluetooth” until you get a Bluetooth
accessory to enable this function.
Many companies followed Artone and introduced they versions of the products streamers
etc.. first was Starkey with the ELI, then others followed, as Oticon and Epoq, Phonak
icom, Tek from Siemens, Commodit,   then few other companies that offer lower quality
versions of the similar products.   

The Bluetooth hearing aid solution is a good intermediate solution for communication
needs of hearing aids users, but it has with few drawbacks as the power consumption and
delay time.
So maybe when you read this article the Bluetooth hearing aid will be already available for
public, but it Is already an old news for developers.

The next technology to enter this market that can bring the wireless communication in to
the hearing aid of any size, it is out there! (and In here in our laboratory!) keep up with
the new technology!

Uses of Bluetooth Hearing Aids and advantages:
Most important, Bluetooth technology provides a hearing aid user, a better compatibility
with Bluetooth audio devices.  Allowing to use all modern equipment, as iphone, ipod, or
now the Ipad, TV and PCs.
Data exchange will allow communication between hearing aids, what will enable better
results for people with bilateral hearing loss.
Possible future, connection between two people with Bluetooth hearing aid.

Can you name more ?

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Digital hearing aids with Bluetooth hard to wear hearing aids use audio devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players to name a few.
However, with the latest digital hearing aids with Bluetooth technology changed the way hearing aid users to stay connected. Sound is
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místnosti.Oticon Bluetooth Streamer, the most important part of ConnectLine, picks up wireless signals from a variety of sources and delivers
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connection is not as easy as it sounds (pun intended). In fact, to create a device capable of translating different wireless signals from different
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to not hear the TV through mobile phone naopak.Chcete resolve their line connection with a wireless hearing aids Bluetoothprovide wide
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regardless of the source and typu.TV ConnectLine adapter, such as hooks into the back of that new HDTV you just bought, and provides
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wireless hand control, can increase the volume corresponding to a comfortable listening to his or her hearing loss - hearing loss specific range
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ConnectLine all zdrojů.Pomocí cooperation with Oticon Streamer is that you have fully integrated the signal type compatibility regardless of the
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to match any design, so you do not hide behind the potted plants, or. Show them. This is the Oticon Streamer allows them to stream pohodě.
Pomocí audio signals directly to the hearing binaural hearing AIDS connection (two ears) to the wireless device. Garment can be placed
around the neck wear comfortably all day full, took the wireless signals up to 30 meters zařízení.Nebo itself, if you want to discreetly film in his
coat pocket wireless to hear the world around them. You can even set Streamer remotely adjust the volume or put the device in standby mode,
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podmínkách.Oticon exceptional hearing: a connection exceeds all linkyJe all about opportunities - opportunities that fit your needs and see
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Dnes, connectivity is critical. We rely on mobile phones and GPS systems. We enjoy our wireless MP3 player and HDTV. Well, with his Oticon
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